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Matrix-Q Coaching School

Matrix-Q Specialist Certificate & License

How does it work?

  • Schedule an interview with our founder, Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken
  • Eligible candidates (with invitation only) will receive a tailor-made training program
  • The learning system is module based. Lessons take from 20 min to 60 min
  • Hybrid program, online (if you prefer 100% remote) combined with outdoors training sessions and indoors workshops
  • We give great value to self-education, learning by doing, by taking challenges and by playing
  • We utilize a data-driven methodology, for accelerated gamified holistic learning
  • We measure, predict, enhance and optimize the performance, capacity and potential of our students 
  • Certification is provided after completion of a internship program which includes monetary compensation
  • The Matrix-Q Akademia utilizes a Guild system, with belts (apprentice, trainer, master, great master levels of training) Apprentices have completed their training as Matrix-Q Specialists. Trainers have completed their certification in Matrix-Q Holistic Education Methodology. Masters have completed their training in Entrepreneurship (9 categories of knowledge, skills and commitment, for business including marketing, wealth ability, strategic management), Great masters are experienced to facilitate the three levels program to members of our Guild.
  • We host a multigenerational collaboration system, empowering aspiring young specialists and entrepreneurs, and gathering the experience, wisdom and knowledge of previous generations


  • Modules are assigned to the students according to their experience, capacity and outcome of challenges
  • Knowledge, skills and commitment are currency.
  • For the completion of modules, subscribers receive points, rewards and vouchers (prizes and gifts).
  • CHALLENGE-MODULES: of diverse nature, focus on developing the capacity of application of knowledge acquired. Challenges may be based on games, simulations, missions, tasks, projects, or activities and services for real customers.
  • TECHNIQUE-MODULES: Each module focus on a unique method, tool, system, technique.We provide a complete set of tools developed by the Matrix-Q Research Institute.  We Also upgrade available methodologies in the market with the Matrix-Q Method.
  • WORKOUT-MODULES: Practice, practice, practice!
  • KNOWLEDGE-MODULES: Multidisciplinary. We apply the knowledge acquired to specific disciplines, and cases. We also create a multidisciplinary approach for the holistic process delivered to our customers. The knowledge modules will focus on specific fields or disciplines. According to the focus point of our students
    • Business, leadership, education, family, love relationships, sexuality education, travel, vocational and professional development, personal growth, personal development, holistic knowledge, lifestyle, work life balance, parenting, innovation, team building, creativity, thinking, communication, wealth ability, marketing, sales, negotiations, purpose, skills set, gamification, systems, resilience, co-creativity, co-living co-working space, self-sufficiency, learning, languages and cultures of the world, exploration and survival, prevention, hands-on energy work, knowledge of nature inspired ancient cultures and civilization, quantum holistic entrepreneurship, multidisciplinary performing arts, martial arts, yoga, self-defense, sword and bow, conscious breathing, prediction, emotional intelligence, data-driven analysis, heart-based knowledge, and other fields of work.
  • CERTIFICATION MODULES: Internship program designed for the 4 levels of certification: apprentice, trainer, master and great master. Include projects, missions, challenges, tasks, programs, research, and services, all of them provided to real customers. We utilize the Matrix-Q Akademia Belts System


  • Keynote presentations, e-workshops, webinars, outdoors trainings at the city of Rhenen, The Netherlands, by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken
  • In the languages you prefer: English, Spanish, German, Japanese, Dutch and others
  • Schedule a mentorship program intake

" I create bridges, connecting the past, and the future, potential of humanity, with holistic quantum multidisciplinary and data-driven knowledge " ~ LDMF

Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

Founder of the Matrix-Q Entrepreneurs & Investors Club

  • Multidisciplinary Researcher (self-funded research studies, Matrix-Q Research Institute): "The study of nature inspired ancient cultures and civilizations, their technology, knowledge, society, leaders, thinking, and innovation, enables the creation of a bridge between the past and the future of humanity. At the Matrix-Q Ecosystem, we are addressing global, local, and pressing social issues with a new kind of holistic knowledge, "the ancient code, the principles of nature", facilitating a foundation for innovation, entrepreneurship, and personal growth.
  • Speaker, Coach, Mentor
  • Author, storyteller, and artist (900+ digital e-publications), performing arts producer
  • Explorer, traveler (lived abroad and traveling since 1997), organize multidisciplinary archeology expeditions (Matrix-Q Travel)
  • Multidisciplinary Innovator ( in 81 fields of applications: education, technology, strategic management, personal growth and leadership, mathematics, engineering, clean energy, new materials, arts, business, circular economy, wealth management, predictive tools, algorithms, gamification, holistic health, entrepreneurship, communication, marketing, community building, resilience, human potential, economy, investment,...)
  • Holistic lifestyle trainer Matrix-Q Method ( Primordial yoga, conscious breathing, meditation, self-defense, nonviolence, positive emotions, work-life family balance, forest bathing, preventive health, sound for balance, brain GYM, ...) www.matrix-q.studio
  • Consultant, Sparring Partner, Trusted Advisor
  • Investor-Entrepreneur
  • Serial entrepreneur ( created business projects, pilot and testing projects in Peru, Chile, Switzerland, Germany, Finland, the Netherlands, and online worldwide, since 1993)
  • Facilitates training (for Matrix-Q Certificates, licenses, and label candidates) at the Matrix-Q Akademia for the next generation of entrepreneurs, leaders, and investors
  • Facilitates Matrix-Q Knowlege training for aspiring Matrix-Q Specialists: innovators, designers, coders, coaches, trainers, consultants, mentors, leaders, entrepreneurs, and investors
  • For more about Luis please visit www.matrix-q.events or www.luisdanielmaldonadofonken.info 

The Matrix-Q Knowledge 

Matrix-Q Knowledge is not conceptual, its application requires continuous practice and development of skills, and the capacity to apply and create outcomes with it, that is how a Matrix-Q Rank is earned (Matrix-Q Specialist Certification).

Therefore Matrix-Q Knowledge can not be acquired by reading information. The only path to acquiring Matrix-Q Knowledge is the path of action and the generation of outcome with it. An outcome that translates into the generation of holistic value, or wealth and assets in 9 fields or streams of value, or 9 capitals of holistic capitalism

In order to become a Matrix-Q Rank holder (Matrix-Q Specialist), candidates commit to continuous practice and development of skills, capacity to apply and create outcome with it, included but not limited to the following (Matrix-Q hands-on practices subject of data-driven assessment of capacity): Matrix-Q brain GYM, enhancement of brain performance, technical use of emotions and perception, use of symbolic language, mathematics, geometry and tones, body-awareness, intuition, holistic and quantum entrepreneurial skills, personal growth stages of development, work-life-family balance skills, multidisciplinary innovation mindset, capacity to integrate nature principles, laws, cycles, rhythms, wisdom in the development of their companies or services

Aspiring Matrix-Q Specialists nurture, and cultivate a positive entrepreneur-investor mindset, holistic wealth generation capacity ( Wealth ability skills), the ability to create assets (value) utilizing the 9 capitals or principles of holistic capitalism, holistic data-driven analysis skills, capacity to utilize (skills) predictive tools, capacity to respond to time-sensitive opportunities (capacity to take action), and other pragmatic abilities

In order to integrate a data-driven assessment of capacity, the acquisition of Matrix-Q Knowledge has been gamified, games, challenges, simulations, missions, assignments, projects, play sessions, pilots, explorations, labs, and experiments are used for the Matrix-Q Coaching School Members to apply the Matrix-Q Knowledge and create a positive regenerative systemic outcome with it. Based on the outcome created by the candidates, points, rank, rings, cycles, belts, certificates, licenses, labels, rewards, and prizes are assigned.

Matrix-Q Knowledge includes all the intellectual property created by the Matrix-Q Research Institute, Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, & Matrix-Q Innovators (License holders) It includes innovative: Tools, methodology, techniques, systems, models, algorithms, skills, data, technology, innovations, research, frameworks, products, and services.

Matrix-Q Knowledge is a holistic body of work

It includes all derivatives of Matrix-Q Knowledge which are also the property of the Matrix-Q Research Institute, Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, and Matrix-Q Companies holders of a Matrix-Q Label (Standard)

As a holistic multidisciplinary system is coherent, consistent, interdependent, systemic

The Matrix-Q Knowledge is based on the study of nature-inspired technology, knowledge, philosophy, social systems, and human personal growth systems of ancient cultures and civilizations, modern science (Life science, pure science, social science, cognitive and behavior science, modern technology, and innovation)

The founder of the Matrix-Q Ecosystem, Innovator, Researcher, and Explorer, Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, continued research, since 1993, is the origin of the Matrix-Q Knowledge

Members of the Matrix-Q Entrepreneurs & Investors Club join the club in agreement to use them to the best of their capacity Matrix-Q Knowledge, by integrating it into their companies, business projects, innovations, investment knowledge, investment projects, design, thinking, purpose, personal growth, leadership practice, and vision. Also as consultants, trainers, coaches, facilitators, mentors, designers, innovators, investors, leaders, entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs (To become eligible for a Matrix-Q Certificate, License and Label, Matrix-Q Specialist)

The Matrix-Q Research Institute provide certificates, commercial licenses, and labels (standard) to support members of the Matrix-Q Club of investor-entrepreneurs, the Matrix-Q Akademia & Coching school  in their aim to become Matrix-Q Specialists and create Matrix-Q Companies or provide services as Matrix-Q Specialists: coaches, trainers, consultants, facilitators, mentors, designers, innovators, entrepreneurs

Customer's Experiences

" The uniqueness of his thinking and approach lies in the fact that he has combined his research on ancient nature-inspired social and economic principles, with modern-day business and social models (...) The tools he has developed from here are of a holistic and mathematic nature, and at the same time can be applied to any type and size of an organization, as well as for individuals/leaders" ~ Monique van de Vijver. Solidaridad Network - International Innovation Leader

"If embraced and faced it will help you find your limits where you thought there were none. It is an opportunity to challenge and push your natural capacity, learn true strengths and resolve fears and weaknesses" Deimante Stankeviciute, Designer, Ireland

" Matrix-Q Contains a large amount of knowledge from different cultures all over the world. This knowledge is translated into practical exercises, which can be used immediately and which increase your personal well-being on a physical, mental, and emotional level. Step by step, you gain insights, growing at the pace that suits you " ~ Bianca Dekker, ICT, Agile & Scrummaster, The Netherlands

" Luis' expertise is novel and useful to organizational development." ~ Arno de Snoo, Lecturer at the International Development Management Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Science, The Netherlands

" For quite some time I was feeling like I was not entirely using my capabilities. I was looking for new challenges but did not exactly know where to find them. Too many plans but no road to follow through. Noticing that I could not find my way out of this situation on my own. That’s when I came in touch with Matrix-Q Solutions headed by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken. His unique way of working helped me to explore my possibilities and find out what really inspired me. In a scientifically based method, I discovered under his professional guidance, I made my plans for a complete shift in my life. I stepped out of my comfort zone and stepped into a world that is much closer to my inner nature. I am not there yet but I am exploring, learning, developing, and growing every day using the tools and insights Luis provided me. And what is best: I am really enjoying it. " ~ Lida Wagensveld, In the transition from a banking and finance specialist to an advisor in Sustainable Living, The Netherlands

" This workshop " Matrix-Q Holistic Business Blue Print " provides a fresh perspective and a new approach to how to start rethinking and reimagining an approach to business that is aligned with creating a positive future. It does this by providing clear actionable steps that are a great foundation, while also providing ways and structures for moving beyond the basics. It is an engaging workshop that provides a much-needed fresh perspective that accounts for the full range of human experience. " Deimante Stankeviciute, Designer, Ireland

I have been working with Luis for a couple of weeks. Before the hassle of training and sports was holding me back, this however is a top combination of physical effort and mental relaxation with an inspiring coach. Recommended! ~ Peter Bolt, Entrepreneur, The Netherlands

“I often have the feeling that I could use a different dimension of time, and today I understand why I am able to do it. The mindset e-test gave me a good insight about the set of skills I am using and also where I need to invest to improve my resources & as consequence my outcomes in life. This gave me peace of mind, direction & priority which was something I was missing. I understood that if I repeat the e-test results may change as I improve my conscious capacity so it also assures me that this direction is always there when I need it and that I can track my development. I can visualize that this tool can do. It will assist Nature’s natural selection: Humans are born with infinite possibilities, but due to repetitive actions fall into patterns of learning and behavior. This tool will improve sociocultural evolution, linking nature’s selection DNA to a sociocultural DNA (by assisting humanity to express the “9 qualities, principles of Matrix-Q” we can transmit it to the next generations as well. “ ~ Diana Bezugo, Therapist, Portugal

“Holistic Wealthability training has helped me reevaluate and rethink my own wealth creating capacity, it helped me discover and embrace wealth that goes beyond just survival and is also aligned to my values, interests and purpose.” ~ Deimante Stankeviciute, Designer, Ireland

“ The program pulls you out of your comfort zone and regular setting which creates new insights about colleges and the way team normally copes with situations. It stimulates creativity and exposes talents/weaknesses of the participants (…) an amazing tool for building and reviewing workflows.” ~ Lotte Lieuwen

“ I think this kind of training is very scarce in the Netherlands. It has really helped me with full body awareness and precision of movements. I also like the awareness of the surrounding aspect and the breathing techniques make me feel good about myself” ~ Vincent Elders, Environment protection consultant, The Netherlands

“ The Matrix-Q Methodology and work connects people, organizations and ecosystems of which we are all part. This holistic approach is crucial to be successful as well as sustainable. Innovation can only happen once we understand the dynamics of human behavior. Matrix-Q Knowledge connects the dots “ ~ Arnold Beekes, Business Consultant, The Netherlands

“ Money for me has been attached to ideas of lack, not enough, emotional muddle and more. During this retreat I came to feel that conditioning some more, and became aware o the conflict and paradox of that conditioning. The retreat includes a guided breathing meditation everyday, as well as talks that deconstruct the general conditioning many of us have around money, and how we earn a living. The retreat explores wealth in a bigger sense of what it means and valued that too. Very glad to have done it. It’s helped shift some useless concepts” ~ Irida Hysenbelli, Life Coach, The Netherlands

“ I had a challenge with one of my projects. Luis offered me a session to explore these challenges. The session was very insightful! Mostly because it helped me to look at this particular project from a different angle. It is hard to do that yourself as an insider. Luis developed an approach which is very professional. Besides that he is a good listener and inspirational. “ ~ Daan Modderman, Change Agent, Consultant, Better Future, The Netherlands

“ Remarkable talents in business management, planning and coaching. “ ~ Bosco Chang, CEO, Media and Animation, Germanix, Hong Kong

“ Unique at international level” ~ Dr. Jose Luis Garcia Vigil, Education & Clinical Medicine - Researcher, Mexico

“ Committing to a daily breathe practice opened a little space in my daily routine of being a mum, working and all the rest, to experience a slowing down become more present to my inner goings, which resulted in feeling softer and more loving to myself and my immediate relationships.. It helped me appreciate that 20 min or few mins spread out in the day breathing, going within, are worth far more than my linear, get things done, mindset can appreciate. I felt lighter, more flow in and around me, more open and receptive. At the end of the retreat I felt I learned new tools and realizes where I could make changes” ~ Irida Hysenbelli, Life Coach, The Netherlands

Coaching Sessions


  • We provide coaching programs of 3, 6, 9, 12, or more sessions (With a Matrix-Q Coach, supervised by Luis)
    • The standard sessions time is 20 min, 40 min or 60 min
  • Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken also provides 1/2 day. full day, the whole weekend, or 9 days of immersive coaching sessions


  • Fees may vary depending on the experience level (Matrix-Q Coach), content (knowledge), and program intensity.
  • The coachee is requested to suggest a payment modality.
  • In some cases our customers do volunteer work in a positive causes program, to earn points and receive vouchers for coaching and training sessions


  • In the languages you prefer: English, Spanish, German, Japanese, Dutch, and others


  • A coaching program always starts with 3 or more assessment sessions. We map your challenges with a holistic data-driven assessment tool. We set milestones, priorities, and goals. If necessary, we will also schedule complimentary training sessions to facilitate skills, knowledge, and commitment.
  • The Matrix-Q Coach may suggest you follow up with an e-workshop, or challenge: Purpose-quest, Conscious Breathing, Forest-Bathing, Vocational exploration,  Communication, Leadership program, self-knowledge-quest, and others


  • Along with the coaching sessions, the (road map) process of achievement of milestones planned will be supported by the coach 
  • According to the case, the Matrix-Q Specialist (coach) will utilize specific tools, methods, techniques, games, challenges, missions, tasks, projects, workouts, brain GYM, or workshops, to facilitate content, experiences, knowledge, skills, and commitment capacity building in the coachee
  • The foundation of the coaching program is to develop the capacity for self-management, self-coaching, and self-sufficiency in the coachee (If necessary shift later into a mentorship program). 
  • The coachees will learn how to use self-coaching tools and methods
  • The coaching program is data-driven and gamified. From time to time data analysis reports are shared with the coachee. 


  • A coaching program may slowly convert into a mentorship program
  • Mentorship offers broad support, following up the holistic development of the mentoree
  • Sparring sessions, challenges, conversations, collaborative thinking, storytelling, and analysis, are common activities


  • Schedule a coaching program intake

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